Company Profile

Corporate Profile

Company Naame Another Sky Corporation

Business Industry Trading Company

Address 3-5-11-I Okurayama Kohoku-ku,Yokohama,

Kanagawa Pref. 222-0037 JAPAN

Representative Toshio HORIKAWA (Mr.), Managing Director

Date of Establishment July 10th, 2012

Our Business Activities

We are licensed to sell alcohol covering wholesale, retail and Internet sales officially in November 2013. Now we are importing Wines and Champagnes and exporting Japanese traditional alcoholic beverage "Shochu" to overseas countries. Our prospective customers are Restaurants and Major wholesale distributors etc.

[Wines / Champagnes] Mainly imported from Italy, France, USA, Macedonia and third world
[Shochu / 焼酎] To develop overseas market to sell our leading product  "Matsu no Izumi" categorized 'Kuma Shochu' in Kyusyu District

<Official License by the Government of Japan>
- Sale and Lease for Specially controlled medical devices (September 2013)
- Import / Export / Wholesale / Retail Sale of liquor (November 2013)

Corporate Philosophy

To quest for true happiness in both health and wealth as well as contribute to the development and prosperity of humankind.


Our mission is to assist people having severe problems in the world through providing necessity supplies.

We hope to make people feel happy with our imported or exported good alcoholic products.